CHERRYBOY is an emerging London-based art magazine curated by Sophia Bowden, showcasing up close and personal introductions to internationally found contributors.

Fueled by flexibility and freedom, CHERRYBOY is a hosting platform with no limit to genre. 

Existing entirely through favours, CHERRYBOY is a non-profit and ad-free publication luxuriously packed in paper. 


The ultimate dream is to reshape EXCLUSIVITY in the creative world by encouraging cross-practice collaboration. WHILST improving SUSTAINABILITY within the printing industry.

Sophia believes a publication needs to earn the right to be printed. With the help of pre and post-production teams, the manufacturing process of CHERRYBOY is now totally carbon neutral up to the point of distribution. Printed at Pureprint, a certified company that replant a tree, per tree cut.


CHERRYBOY is produced annually. Each issue is independently distributed worldwide to handpicked vendors. Now available in London, New York City and Amsterdam, and expanding.

Each edition is short-run, to maintain the 'Sustainability promise' of no mass-production. 


Empower Her Voice interview with Sophia Bowden on the story behind CHERRYBOY 


CHERRYBOY was included in AnOther Magazine's top 10 publications at Offprint Paris 2019 

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