CHERRYBOY is an emerging London-based art magazine made by Sophia Bowden. It’s a publication created to showcase up close and personal introductions to artists. with the running theme of each edition being an adjective, cherryboy is able to host every kind of practice and has no genre limits. thus introducing readers to a bizarre selection of creatives. CHERRYBOY Holds a platform where everything EXISTS through favours for artists by artists- all compiled into one publication luxuriously packed in paper. The ultimate dream is to end exclusivity in the creative world and improve SUSTAINABILITY within print.

CHERRYBOY is produced annually. Each issue is independently distributed worldwide to handpicked vendors. right now cities include London, New York City and Amsterdam. Each edition is short-run, to maintain the CHERRYBOY 'Sustainability promise' of no mass-production. 

'a bountifully insane directory, introducing creatives that are way out of your territory.'


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