Samantha Cabrera Friend 

Christabel MacGreevy 

Atelier HOKO

Matt Henry 

Drake Carr 

Beatrice Oettinger 

Winnie Hall

Charis Entwisle 

Alex Prager

Julien Carryen & Pierre La Police

Sebastian Brajkovic


Editors note:


What if there was one publication that contained it all? Holding something for everyone and existing as a spectacle for introduction to new practices. I believe this integration all packed in the same publication would inspire limitless possibilities of multi-medium collaboration that might perhaps have been unvisited.

The theme of edition 5 is titled BIZARRE, working to host all mediums comfortably with no limit to genre. BIZARRE can be used in a plethora of different ways, to me it projects pictorial and dreamlike thoughts, an unexplainable feeling and evokes the ‘can’t not look’. The theme exists very contrastingly in each contributing feature. Atelier HOKO celebrates the BIZARRE very heavily in their conceptual breakdown of toilet roll, whereas illustrator Julien Carreyn and photographer Pierre la Police, express a slightly more visually fitting approach with their ‘gross’ portrayal of French foods. 

The front and back covers of this edition hold a connection to each other, both artists studied at Chelsea College of Arts, a generation apart from each other. With Simon Smith, who drew, Celestial Visitation (back cover) in 1996 and Winnie Hall who painted Yeah this coulda been us more recently in 2019; the coverage of multiple eras all planted in the same pot induces the ‘full circle’. To celebrate this, the spine has been created as a fusion of the two works- melted together by another current student at Chelsea, Phoebe Manley.


This edition is nonprofit and advertisement-free. All contributions from artists and journalists have been exchanged through favours between us and them- a rare and seemingly untouchable method of trade in this economy.

I am, now more than ever extremely focused on the sustainability of the print industry and I sincerely believe that a publication needs to earn its right to be printed. With the help of pre and post-production teams, the manufacturing process of CHERRYBOY is now totally Carbon Balanced certified by World Land Trust, up to the point of distribution. This enables us to counteract our residual greenhouse gas emissions through the protection and restoration of carbon-rich wildlife habitats in the tropics. Quite stunning really...

CHERRYBOY is a celebration of all things BIZARRE and all things create from any medium, in this respect please remember CHERRYBOY does not expire; and if you’re done with it (not that you ever should be), pass it on.


Love and enjoy,


Sophia Bowden

Editing and Creative Director


Release: 28th February 2020