Learn to Draw Wild Things
  • Learn to Draw Wild Things


    Learn To Draw Wild Things, a publication by CHERRYBOY, was produced to accompany exhibition, Learn to Draw Wild Things featuring the works of Charis Entwisle & Daniel Spivakov. The publication offers insights into the process of making and sheds light on the intimate world of both artists.


    15x21 cm

    60 pages

    full colour offset

    paperback cover

    staple bound

    first edition of 30 copies


    "Charis Entwisle & Daniel Spivakov two artists attuned to honest expressions of the individual human condition come together in the online exhibition Learn to Draw Wild Things. In the viewing of both of their works, there is a sense of being made to feel like a somewhat intrusive onlooker to the inner cogs of somebody else’s mind - culminating in an experience that is intimate and relatable."


    See the online viewing room here